Our Esteemed Presenters:

Judy Acree MA, LPC, ALPS, AADC-S-
Mary Aldred-Crouch, MSW, LICSW, and CCAC -Mary is an experienced mental health/addiction
professional providing direct service, administrative oversight and training.  She has considerable
experience working in primary care, promoting an integrated care model addressing short term
addiction/mental health therapy in medical settings.  She is currently the Office Director at the
Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities and continues to promote integrated care from a
public policy standpoint.  Mary also maintains a small private practice with addiction clients.  
Jim Baker, MSW, CCAC-S, LICSW- Jim has worked in the fields of mental health and addictions
for the past 40+ years.  Jim worked to establish one of the first alcoholism treatment programs in
the State.  He later worked to establish the first substance abuse outpatient program at Southern
Highlands where he works at a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  He is a charter member of
WVAADC and is a past president of both WVAADC and WVCBAPP.

Shirley Beckett-Mikell NCAC II, CAC II, SAP is the Director of Certification and Education NAADAC,
the Association for Addiction Professionals and has more than 37 years experience working with
individuals with co-occurring disorders.  In addition to establishing a certification system in her
home state of South Carolina, Beckett Mikell also played a significant role in establishing faith-based
training initiatives and treatment centers in 7 churches throughout the state. Beckett Mikell is
particularly skilled in the areas of Ethics, Confidentiality, Group and Individual counseling skills and
family interventions. She has previously worked in opiate replacement therapy and managed
Methadone Treatment Services in Charleston, SC, for Charleston County for over 25 years. Her work
as Regional Manager of Opioid Dependent Services for Colonial Management Group allowed her to
work within many states. She conducted training events in the Southeast for more than 20 years.  
Her work as a counselor, program manager, coordinator of training and chairman of credentialing
systems helped prepare her to coordinate the provider education  program for NAADAC and to
maintain the National Certification Commissions credentialing system..   Beckett Mikell has provided
training to addiction professionals throughout the world and continues to advise programs in
Cyprus, Egypt, Iceland, Kenya and Thailand .

Dr. David Chaffin  is the director of the Maternal Addiction & Recovery Center at the Joan. C.
Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University.  West Virginia is facing a hidden epidemic of
opiate addiction during pregnancy. Based on a study in 2009, approximately 20% of women
delivering in the state have been exposed to either illicit drugs or alcohol and the rate today is even
higher. Taking care of these women is challenging and optimizing the outcomes for them and their
neonates is the goal of the MARC. While methadone maintenance remains the gold standard of
therapy, recent data published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that maintenance
therapy with buprenorphine (Subutex) results in neonates that spend less time in the intensive care
nursery and milder withdrawal symptoms. Access to buprenorphine therapy during pregnancy has
been limited at best. In an attempt to improve access, the Department of OB/GYN at the Joan C.
Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University, with the help of  a generous grant from Carelink
Health Plans, Inc. instituted the Maternal Addiction and Recovery Center under the direction of
Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists Dr. David Chaffin and Dr. Ryan Stone and assisted by Glennis
Peters, AADC. Opiate addicted pregnant patients will receive the highest quality pregnancy care,
regular addiction counseling in both group and individual settings as well as buprenorphine
maintenance therapy in one clinical location.

Cathy E. Coontz – M.A., M.S., P.S. II currently holds the position of HHR SR--Substance Abuse
Specialist for the Bureau of Behavioral Health and Health Facilities, Division on Alcoholism and Drug
Abuse. Her history includes professions such as Community Development, Therapist and Instructor.
Coontz has 20 years of experience in the prevention field as well as the mental health treatment
realm. She holds an M.S. in Community Medicine, an M.A. in Counseling and is a Certified
Prevention Specialist II. She currently is prevention lead in the state utilizing her skills to provide
trainings on informational topics surrounding chemical dependency and addiction as well as
providing technical assistance to state entities and communities.

Allen S. Daniels Ed.D is a behavioral healthcare consultant with experience leading public and
private clinical practices, managed care programs and consumer/advocate services.  He graduated
from the University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration and University of Cincinnati
College of education.  He is the principle author for the Pillars of Peer Support Series of reports.

Lisa Diehl   Lisa has been a long-time advocate and community organizer on issues including non-
traditional employment for women, policies that affect low-income families, and health care reform.
Lisa is the co-founder of WV Women Work! which trains and places women in skilled trades
occupations and helped start the Good News Mountaineer Garage which takes donated cars from the
community and provides them to low-income families to get to school and work. She is currently
the North Central Coordinator for West Virginians for Affordable Health Care and Federal Issues
Coordinator for WV Citizen Action.

Thomas G. Durham, PhD, LADC, CCS, is the Deputy Project Director at JBS International for the
SAMHSA/CSAT Clinical TA project where he coordinates process and service improvement to over
200 federal grantees through TA and support. Before joining JBS, he was Project Director of the
Central East Addiction Technology Training Center (ATTC), a government funded program
providing analysis and training to enhance state based behavioral health workforce development. In
this role he coordinated the ATTC’s center of excellence on prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDs
and hepatitis among individuals with behavioral health disorders. He is currently assigned to an
international training project with the US Department of Sate as Senior Curriculum Developer &
Trainer.  Durham brings more than 35 years experience in behavioral health treatment and has been
an educator and trainer for over 20 years delivering a variety of training topics for behavioral health
professionals on topics such as clinical supervision, motivational interviewing, co-occurring
disorders, ethics, medicated assisted treatment, compassion fatigue, and leadership. His leadership
training has included the matching and coordination of mentoring relationships between leadership
protégés and high-level professional mentor/coaches.

Randy Housh, CFF, CRE, President WVAADC- Randy has served for the past 8 years on the
WVAADC Board and is our current president. Randy has worked extensively with addicted
populations among the homeless throughout WV and the Eastern US.  Randy currently serves as
Regional Trainer for Seneca Health Service providing substance education for businesses, areas
schools, Day Report Centers and is certified as a Celebrating Families Facilitator which provides
educational services for families affected by addiction.  

Holly Jordan MSW, AADC, LICSW
Ms. Jordan is employed by PsiMed Corrections, contracted as clinical therapists with the Division of
Juvenile Services at the Dr. Harriet B. Jones Treatment Center, the only maximum security facility
for sex offenders in the state.

Judy Kesterson, BA, LSW, CAC- Judy has been involved in the field of addiction for 18 years.
She is the Director of Dr. Lee Jones Miracles Happen Center, Healthways, Inc. She is the chair
person for the West Virginia Peer Assistance Community.

Gail Kinsey    Gail provides mental health counseling in an integrated care setting in a rural
primary care clinic in Scarbro, WV. She offers various relaxation exercises to clients in 1:1 sessions
and in group medical visits. Gail lives in Beckley with her husband, Scott, and enjoys walking,
reading and visiting their son, Andrew and grand-dog, Lex, in Washington, DC.

Shannon McBee MPH, CHES has been the Epidemiologist for the Bureau for Behavioral Health and
Health Facilities since 2011.  Ms. McBee serves as the technical expert in the field of epidemiology
for the Bureau.  She currently leads the work of the Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes
Workgroup (SEOW).  She is responsible for providing surveillance support to the Bureau which
focuses on administering reliable outcomes in order to make data informed decisions surrounding
policy and planning decisions for the substance abuse system care of development.  Ms. McBee
currently leads the Research and Resources team which implements various substance abuse
prevention grants, conducts program evaluations, develops surveys, and conveys research relevant
to behavioral health.  Ms. McBee has a BSA and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from West
Virginia University and is a Certified Health Educator Specialist (CHES).  She has worked in the field
of Epidemiology since 2007 with extensive experience in surveillance, communicable disease
investigation, health promotion, and disaster preparedness.  

Maggi Aebi Lang is a Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher (RYT) in the Himalayan Tradition.
Currently Maggi is the owner of The Sage Center in Pittsburgh, PA where she practices wellness
coaching and massage. She holds a Pennsylvania State License as a Physical Therapy Assistant and
is an active member of Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists

Rose LaRosa

Nicole (Siri) Martin MA Nicole has a master’s degree in art therapy from Seton Hill University.  
She is a therapist at the Rubenstein Juvenile Center in Davis, WV where she promotes sobriety and
wellness in young adjudicated men.  She has been practicing yoga and movement for the past six

Lora Maynard

Jo Anne McNemar-M.S., P.S. II is a Community Support Specialist at Community Connections, Inc.
with a Master’s Degree in Community Health Education from the West Virginia University School of
Medicine. Jo Anne is a Certified Prevention Specialist II and a Center for the Application of
Prevention Technology (CAPT) Central Regional Expert Team Associate.  Her career includes twenty
years of working in the area of substance abuse prevention with prior experience as a mental health
professional. She provides workforce development, trainings and resources on a local, state and
national level related to the prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery of substances.

Susan Mortakis

Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, NCAC II, CCDC III, is the Executive Director of NAADAC, the Association
for Addiction Professionals and former Executive Director for The Danya Institute and Project Office
for the Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (CEATTC). She has been a professional
in the addictions field with over 30 years experience. She is the former President of the National
Association of Addictions Counselors (NAADAC) and has been a consultant for the US Navy for 9
years as a Clinical Preceptor. Ms. Moreno Tuohy is an international trainer in addictions, family
systems, grants writing and other topics. She is degreed in Social Work from Washington State
University and holds a Certificate in Alcohol/Drug Abuse from the same University. She has been
Executive Director of large county-wide programs for addictions that included programming in
seniors, youth-at-risk, school intervention, addicted and problem using adults, family programs,
involuntary commitment, community education, juvenile justice and adult corrections. Her work in
conflict resolution and anger management over the past 18 years has proven effective with the
substance abusers, homeless persons, families, and adolescents. Cynthia is a local, national and
trainer in conflict resolution and substance abuse issues. Cynthia has taught throughout the United
States, as well as Egypt, Cyprus, Iceland, Russia, China, New Zealand, and Australia.

John Moses

Jay Otto MS  is a Research Scientist and managing director for the Center for Health and Safety
Culture at Montana State University. Otto assists with research design, research projects, and data
analysis. His areas of interest are in substance abuse prevention, comprehensive community
development, and child wellness.

Kathy Paxton, MS-Kathy is the SSA at WV BHHF.  She was previously the Director of the Center
for Learning Excellence at the The Ohio State University, Department of Behavioral Health and
Education.  Kathy graduated from WVU School of Medicine with an MS in Community Health
Education.  Her combined experience of over 29 years in the field of mental health and substance
abuse prevention and treatment have afforded her the ability to provide expertise in all areas of
behavioral health, perinatal substance abuse, leadership in planning, facilitation and evaluation at
the local, state & national level as a trainer and consultant.  She has led the Ohio FASD Statewide
Systems Integration Initiative.  

Ron Pritchard is the Owner/Program Manager for Addiction Program Consultants (APC) in Virginia
Beach, VA. For the past 15 years APC has provided consultation and training for development,
implementation, management and evaluation of alcohol, drug, tobacco and behavioral modification
programs for dual diagnosed patients. He has served as a co-founder, three-time and 2012
Chairman of the Virginia Summer Institute for Addiction Studies; founder and past Chairman of
Virginia Recovers Inc, and past Chairman of Baby Steps, Inc – all non-profit substance abuse
prevention and education programs designed to further advance provider skills in prevention,
identification, intervention and treatment of substance abuse and related disorders. Pritchard served
honorably in the US Navy for 26 years. During the final 10 years of his Naval Career, Ron was
integral in development of the Navy-wide Overseas Diplomacy Programs and supervised a Navy
CAAC (Counseling And Assistance Center). Upon USN retirement Ron was employed by the Media,
Pennsylvania Board of Education as an Affective Education and Prevention specialist involved with
high risk adolescent interventions.  He served 8 years with the City of Norfolk, Virginia – developed
and managed the Homeless Intervention Program 2 years, then access coordinator for medically
indigent substance abuse clients.
In 1990 Ron began employment at Portsmouth Naval Hospital as a Substance Abuse Counselor and
in 2000 conceived, co-developed and supervised the transitional Psychiatric Intensive Outpatient
Program that was duplicated in several other DoD treatment facilities. In 2004 he was selected as
Program Manager for Addiction Medicine Services and developed a program for multidisciplinary,
rapid intervention, screening, assessment and treatment initiation for substance abusing and
traumatized DoD patients. Pritchard participated in development of the Portsmouth Naval Hospital
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment (TBIRD),Provider Wellness Committee (PWC), and Addiction
Intervention Programs (ASET).
Ron has served as President, Virginia Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors; Board
member of National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC); currently
committee member of NAADAC Veterans Task Force; Vice-President nominee as NAADAC Mid-
Atlantic Region; Board member of Virginia Governor’s Committee for Substance Abuse; Recipient of
2002 Ginger Acey Counselor of the Year Award-VADAP; 2004 Counselor of the Year Award-
VAADAC; 2003 Outstanding Service Award-VAADAC; and 2011 Meritorious Civilian Service Award-
U.S. Navy.
28 years United States Navy; Bachelors Degree, University of Maryland, 1983; Certified Substance
Abuse Counselor;
Certified Addictions Specialist

Dave Semanco

Ron Scott

Russ Taylor, LSW, CCAC-S, LICDC- Russ has over 30 years of clinical experience and is recently
retired from Dr. Lee Jones Miracles Happen Center at Healthways Inc in Wheeling. WV, rumor has it
he still hangs around the place when he isn't training his dogs and running all over WV on behalf of
WVAADC.  Russ is the immediate past president of WVAADC.  Russ is a tireless advocate for clients
and the profession of addiction treatment.

Andrew Walker MS
Andrew Walker is a Research Specialist for the Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities. A
graduate of Marshall University, Andrew received both the B.A. and M.S. degrees in Criminal
Justice. He currently leads the current state strategic prevention enhancement grant, providing
oversight and technical assistance to six sub-state Data and Planning Teams. Andrew has knowledge
and experience in implementing the Strategic Prevention Framework, organizing research, using
data to make informed decisions, and designing and conducting program evaluations. His current
research interests include law enforcement involvement in behavioral health and co-occurring
substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Wanda Wyatt is a graduate of Christopher Newport College, earning a BA in Social Work.  She has
worked in residential and outpatient settings for 19 years.  Wanda has been working in the
addictions field in WV for the past 13 years.  She began her career at Seneca Health Services, and
then moved on to the Dept. of Corrections.   
After a short time, she transferred to Potomac Highlands Guild, Inc in the school based program,
and is currently a Regional Substance Abuse Counselor.  Wanda has been a certified counselor since
1998.  She served as a CPM evaluator for the WVCBAPP for several years.  She has been through
training as a SAP and with the Problem Gamblers Network.   
Wanda has been on the WVAADC board twice, (2002- 2004, and 2009-present).  For the past 10
years, she has served in various roles at the fall conference: Chair, Co-chair and committee
member.  Wanda currently serves as the President Elect of WVAADC, Membership Chair along with
Nominations and Awards.  
Wanda is a Lifetime member of the Girl Scouts, (Gold Award, highest award in Girl Scouting), and
an American Red Cross Volunteer as a CPR/First Aid Instructor since 1992.

Karen Yost
What a spectacular line  up for our
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