Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Morning we start with a different Morning
Meditation- to help you get centered and ready for a great day!!

We offer 12 Step Meetings- Open/Facilitated on Wednesday and Thursday

End your day Wednesday and Thursday with Bed Time Stories to wind down and
relax-taking in the cool fresh mountain air!
Preliminary Conference Schedule-subject to change  

Tuesday October 2, 2012

12pm-7:30pm           Registration  
12-2pm                      Certification Board Panel Q&A (2)
FREE  2-5pm            Advocacy In Action & 4th Annual Walk/Run for Recovery
5-5:45pm                  Dinner
5:45-7:15                  WVAADC Business Meeting/Elections (1.5)                              
7:30-9:30                  Kickoff-  (2) Where we were, where we are & where we
                                 need be: having fun getting there!  Ron Pritchard, Wanda Wyatt
                                 & Officer Mike Daugherty

Wednesday October 3, 2012

6:30-7:30    Morning Meditation-(1)
                   Finding Your Sacred Place  Russ Taylor & Judy Kesterson
7:45-8:45     Breakfast      
7:30-9AM     Registration
9am-12pm   Keynote (3) Pillars of Peer Support & Role of Recovery
                                          Coaches     Dr. Allen Daniels

12-1pm Lunch

1-2pm         Afternoon Plenary (1)  Working with Service Members, Veterans & Their  
                     Families  Dr. Allen Daniels
2pm-2:15    Afternoon Break
2:15-4pm    Break Out Sessions (2)
                      A. SMVF Continued- Dr. Allen Daniels
                      B. Maternal Addiction Recovery Center (MARK) MAT & Pregnancy  
                           Dr Chaffin
                      C. Discovering the Resilient Teen Within- Holly Jordan
                      D. Data Informed Decisions- Shannon McBee & Andrew Walker

4:30-5:30   12 Step Meeting
6:00             Dinner
7:00             Auction
9:30-10:30  Bedtime Stories- Meditation & Movement  Nicole (Siri) Martin (1)

Thursday Oct 4, 2012

6:30-7:30     Morning Meditation: Meditation with a Twist- Gail Kinsey (1)
7:45-8:45     Breakfast
9am-10am  Morning Plenary (1) Romancing the Brain- Conflict Resolution
                   in Recovery- Cynthia Moreno Tuohy

10-10:15 Morning Break
10:15-12:00 Morning Break out sessions (2)
                      A. Romancing the Brain Cont'd
                      B. Prevention Keynote: The Solutions are in the Community
                           The Positive Community Norms Framework      Jay Otto
                      C. System of Care                                                     Karen Yost
                      D. Making a Case for Clinical Supervision:
           An Essential Component in a Changing Treatment Environment-Tom Durham

12-1pm  Lunch

1-2pm  Afternoon Plenary (1)  Adolescent System of Care-
                      A Community "Doing it Right"  Panel from Wheeling
2-2:15  Afternoon Break
2:15-4:00    Afternoon Break out sessions (2)
                      A. Prescription Drug Mortality in WV- Shannon McBee
                      B. Yoga & the 12 Steps- Maggi Aebi Lang
                      C. WV Affordable Care Act- Lisa Diehl
                      D. Clinical Supervision Cont'd until 5pm

4pm-5pm     Take Care of Yourself (1)
4:30-5:30     12 Step Meeting
5:30-7:30     Annual Awards Banquet
7:30-9:30     Karoke
9:30-10:30   Bedtime Stories- Jim Baker (1)

Friday Oct 5, 2012
6:30-7:30    Morning Meditation (1)  TBA
7:45-8:45    Breakfast
9am-10 am Morning Plenary: Current Drug Trends- Cathy Coontz &
                                                                     JoAnne McNemar (1)
10-10:15      Morning Break
10:15-12      Morning Break out Sessions (2)
                      A. Ethics- Shirley Beckett-Mikell
                      B. Integrative Therapy Techniques- Dave Semanco
                      C. Adult Corrections
                      D. Juvenile Drug Court
                      E.  FQHC & Integrated Care in the Community
CEU's are in parentheses- All sessions are approved for prevention &
addictions & SW
Approved sessions for  LPC & Psychologists are attached below.
CEU LIST FOR LPC/Psych will be posted soon